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    Druckwege - Type-D FLEX - Bend Test
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    Druckwege Type-D PRO-FLEX (Clear)

    R 1,895.00

    NOW Available DruckWege Type-D PRO-FLEX (Clear)
    DruckWege Resin is compatible with UV-Light 3d Printers such as:
    ● B9 Creator
    ● 3D Facture Draken
    ● YHD-101,
    ● Wanhao D7,
    ● Kudo3D,
    ● Atum3D,
    ● and other DLP/LED 3d Printers with FEP Vat linings

    *Druckwege Type-D PRO-FLEX(Clear) is not compatible with printers with a PDMS Vat lining.

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    F1+ Resins

    R 1,290.00

    SLA Resin for the FormLabs 3D Printer family. FunToDo F1+ is a Low Reactivity resins that are less aggressive on machine setups with a PDMS Silicone Vat. Making them fully compatibility with the Form1, the Form1+ and Form2, using the standard Formsoft software settings.

    What’s mainly important to customers, it’s HALF the price!