Castable Grade

R 1,420.00

Hard and smeltable resin designed for moulding applications. Vacuum investment casting method can be used for casting soft metals.
Smooth Opaque bright red finish.

Specially formulated for creating vacuum investment casting moulds, also known as lost wax casting, this makes it ideal for casting bronze, iron, copper and precious metals, into your 3D design.

Colour: Opaque bright red

Properties: Low melting point, fully cured resin has a hardness of 73 Shore D.

Applications: Design and manufacture of Jewelery, Mechanical parts, Electronic parts, Art pieces and Children’s toys.

Flash Burnout Schedule For Castable Blend

  • Preheat the Kiln to 850 Centigrade.
  • 30 minutes after mixing the investment, put the mould straight into the hot kiln.
  • Hold at 850 C for 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • After that drop to 485 Centigrade as quickly as the kin will allow. Hold at 485 for 15 minutes and cast.

The flask used in the above was 75mm in diameter and 75mm height. In a Paragon SC2 centrifugal kiln.


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