Industrial Grade – Black

R 1,250.00

Hard and durable temperature resistant resin designed for high detail industrial applications, with a hard black-grey injection moulded plastic-like finish.

Specifically formulated for industrial applications, requiring a high quality, hard, durable and temperature resistant finish, industrial grade resin has been developed to maintain structural integrity during exposure at very high and low temperatures, and has been extensively tested from -45*C to 225*C.
Industrial Grade resin is ideal for
vulcanisation for low temperature metals like pewter or tin, as well as direct cold-casting into the printed part.

Colour: Opaque Black-Grey.

Properties: Partially flexible, temperature resistant from: -45*C -225*C, hardness of fully cured resin is 75 Shore D. 

Applications: Industrial prototyping, part testing and replacement, soft metal vulcanisation, direct moulding, and cold casting


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