3D Passion without the price

My passion for 3D printing began in early 2013, when I came across them at an expo. Mystified and impressed, I quickly became immersed in this Sci-fi world, spending hours reading and learning about the different kinds of 3D printers, what each were used for, how to fix and fine tune them, how to upgrade them. The whole time, not even having touched a 3D printer yet.

Having seen the immense price tag these machines have racked up. My plan is to make 3D printing, affordable and easy enough for anyone to do. – My “final box to check” so to speak.

I purchased a 3D printer in late 2015, after countless hours of scrutinising the different methods that might suit my purpose better, when I finally settled on a machine that could actually cover my list of impossible criteria.
I merely wanted exceptional detail beyond the ordinary, in the shortest time possible. It needed to be reasonably priced and inexpensive to sustain. In order to create pieces that are priceless. Finally, I want this for everyone.

I intend on helping to create a future, where 3D printing is open to everyone.


One thought on “3D Passion without the price

  1. Richard Genlloud says:

    I was skeptical at first when i heard about 3D printing, i mean this is such a revolutionary idea, its like something out of the Jet-sons cartoon, but after seeing some of the prints for myself, i’m hugely impressed, the amount of quality and lack of the need for cleaning up the part after the print is astounding, I now dream of buying one of these awesome machines, for my family.

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