Choosing the right Photopolymer Resin for your SLA/DLP printer

All the best SLA machinery and UV gadgetry are just eerie paperweights without the chemical wizardry involved behind photopolymer resins.

SLA/DLP based 3d printers, using photopolymer resins, are relatively new to the consumer market, and yet are fast becoming the new standard amongst everyday users and companies alike. This is partly due to their superior speed and accuracy over FDM printing methods but also because of the Sci-Fi style in which they create parts. Many new ‘start-up’ companies producing SLA/DLP 3D printers are responding to this by helping to develop more affordable resins with better capabilities.

“But with an ever expanding list of suppliers, which photopolymer resin manufacturer is the best..?” The short answer I have found is: “A cheap, as close to home one as possible.”

Until recently this wasn’t possible in South Africa. But then I came across FunToDo Resins from the Netherlands. Based on cure time, chemical safety and price point, they produce some of the best photopolymer resins currently available worldwide. They are also customer sensitive and just launched a range of resins for the Form1 and Form1+ (Well renowned Formlabs machines). F1+, used the world over by professional artists for printing of digitally designed sculptures and by light manufacturers for testing prototype parts.

Most resins will do the job, but only some can do it well. For this reason, I chose to import FunToDo resins to South Africa. Visit our Downloads page to see the Chemical Data Sheets for our resins.

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