DentiFix 3D – HR GREY


Dentifix-3D – HR Dental modelling resin for Dental castings and oral prosthesis *This version is ONLY suitable for DLP & LED based printers with FEP resin Vats (e.g. Wanhao D7 & D8, Anycubic Photon, etc…)

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Dentifix-3D – HR is an FTD inspired dental modelling resin primarily used for Denture and Crown modelling in Dentistry Prosthetics. It is formulated specially for high detail and fast print times on FEP type DLP and LED based Machines.

Its Grey colour and velvet surface finish can also find use by Artists utilising DLP 3D Printers in Character modelling.

Dentifix-3D modelling resin is available in a High-Reactivity (for faster print times on chemically resistant FEP Vat liners)
*Also available in a Low-Reactivity version for SLA-Laser based machines with PDMS resin Tanks. (e.g. B9-Creator, Form1, Form1+,Form2, Peopoly MOAI, etc…)

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Dental print – DentiFix3d-HR


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