DentiFix 3D – LR


Dentifix-3D – LR Dental modelling resin for Dental castings and oral prosthesis *This version is ONLY suitable for use with SLA-Laser based printers with PDMS resin Tanks (e.g. B9-Creator, Form1, Form1+,Form2, Peopoly MAOI, etc…)

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Dentifix-3D – LR is an FTD inspired dental modelling resin primarily used for Denture and Crown modelling in Dentistry Prosthetics. It is formulated specially for high detail and fast print times on PDMS type SLA-Laser based Machines.

Its Sand Yellow colour and velvet surface finish can also find use by Artists utilising SLA 3D Printers in Character modelling.

Dentifix-3D modelling resin is available in a Low-Reactivity (for faster print times on chemically resistant FEP Vat liners)
*Also available in a High-Reactivity version for DLP & LED based machines with FEP resin Tanks. (e.g. Wanhao D7 & D8, Anycubic Photon, etc…)

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Dental print – DentiFix3d-LR


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