PDMS ‘Refurb Kit’

R 530.00

The FunToDo – PDMS ‘Refurb Kit’ contains 230gr of PDMS silicone and 20gr Catalyst, enough for 2 – 4 replacements of your Vat/Tank linings (depending on the layer thickness and the printertype)
Suitable for all machines with a PDMS Silicone Vat/Tank lining. (B9,Form1, Form1+,Form2, Peopoly MOAI, etc…)

What’s mainly important to customers, it’s a third of the price of a new “Tank”!

The FunToDo – PDMS ‘Refurb Kit’ lets you repair the silicone lining of your ‘Vat’ or ‘Tank’ as they call it at Formlabs.
This means that you don’t have buy a brand new Tank every time your lining gets blurred by ‘ghosting’.

How To Use FTD – PDMS ‘Refurb Kit’:

  1. Carefully remove the old lining
  2. Clean the tank gently
  3. Mix a batch of PDMS silicone and Catalyst ratio: 12:1 or 13:1 (e.g. Form1@12:1 = 46g PDMS + 4g Cat.)
    1. Make sure your Resin tank is perfectly level
    2. If you have a vaccum chamber,  then ‘degas’ your PDMS batch for best results, before Pouring over the Centre of the Vat/Tank
  4. Let the new liner cure for 12 hours
  5. Use your Tank like new again!


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